Thomas Wheatley with Ciaran Brown
Thomas Wheatley signing my Jeff Marshall lithograph of The Living Daylights
Thomas Wheatley with autographed photo at Pinewood.
The first time that I met Thomas Wheatley was at Pinewood Studios for the George Lazenby day in June 2005.  He signed a photograph for me and also my event programme.
After appearing in several TV productions in the mid-1980s, Thomas Wheatley was noticed by one of the casting directors for Eon, makers of the James Bond films. As a result he was given a part in The Living Daylights in 1987.  His character, Saunders, is the very formal head of 'Section V' in Vienna and a real stickler for procedure!  Saunders has masterminded a plan to assist the escape of Koskov, a corrupt Soviet General who enlists the help of his girl-friend, Kara Milovy (who poses as a KGB sniper) in his defection.   Bond appears to sabotage the plan and a furious Saunders reports 007 to his superiors at MI6.  Later, Saunders helps Bond to get Kara Milovy out of the country, but is killed when the glass doors of a cafe are blown up in his face.
I was pleased to meet him again at Starcon in September 2006 because  by then I had my Jeff Marshall lithograph of The Living Daylights for him to sign.
Since 1987, Thomas Wheatley has appeared mainly in TV, although his film credits include Where Angels Fear to Tread (1991), Slaughterhouse Of The Rising Sun (2005) and Death At A Funeral (2007).
His TV work includes Boon (1989), Heartbeat (1994), Taggart (1998), A Touch Of Frost (1999), Foyles War (2002) and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (2004).
James Bond Multimedia - Saunders
IMDb - Thomas Wheatley
Thomas Wheatley signing
my lithograph
My photo signed by Thomas Wheatley
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