Norman Wanstall with his Oscar
Norman Wanstall with Ciaran Brown
Norman Wanstall signing Ciaran Brown's Goldfinger lithograph
Ciaran Brown holding Norman Wanstall's Oscar
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It was for his work as sound editor for Goldfinger, that Norman Wanstall won his coveted Academy Award (or 'Oscar') which he proudly takes to his various signing events.
Although Norman Wanstall left the film industry in 1977 to concentrate on his family, he returned as sound editor for Connery's last Bond film Never Say Never Again (1983).
Hunt was later to edit the James Bond film Dr No (1962), with Norman Wanstall as sound effects editor.  Hunt and Wanstall also teamed up again as film and sound editors of the later Bond films From Russia With Love (1963), Goldfinger (1964), Thunderball (1965) and You Only Live Twice (1967).
A visit to Pinewood Studios as a boy, gave Norman Wanstall the ambition of working in the film industry, not as an actor but as a film editor. He joined the Rank Film organisation, firstly as a trainee film editor and later moving on to soundtrack work.  After three years, he left Rank to go freelance, eventually becoming film editor Peter Hunt's assistant.  
I met Norman again at the Starcon event at Kempton Park racecourse in September 2006 when he signed several of my Jeff Marshall lithos.  The photo shows him signing the Goldfinger one, the film for which he won his Oscar.
I have met Norman Wanstall several times and found him extremely friendly and easy to talk to. The first time was at Pinewood in June, 2005 and then again at Autographica in November 2005, where these photographs of me holding his Oscar were taken.
There is a very interesting article about Norman Wanstall in the 007 Magazine. To see this, please click the link below.
Me holding a REAL Oscar!
Norman with his Oscar
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