Mary Stavin with Ciaran Brown
Mary Sytavin as Kimberley Jones in A View To A Kill
Mary Stavin - Miss World 1977
Mary Stavin was born in Sweden in 1957 and became famous as a 20 year old when she won Miss World in 1977.
I met Mary Stavin at Starcon in September 2006.  This was her first appearance at a convention and she signed my Jeff marshall lithograph of A View To A Kill.
James Bond Multimedia - Kimberley Jones
IMDb - Mary Stavin
Mary is now married and living in Los Angeles, but was, in the late 1970s, a girl-friend of Manchester United and Northern Ireland footballer, George Best.
Her first screen appearance came six years later in the James Bond film Octopussy (1983) as one of the 17 'Octopussy Girls'.  Beautiful and athletic, they are part of smuggler Octopussy's travelling circus.
A second Bond film part followed two years later when mary Stavin played the part of MI6 agent, Kimberley Jones, in A View To A Kill (1985). She appears only briefly near the beginning, for just one scene with Roger Moore.
Mary Stavin's other roles have included Tanya in the horror-comedy House (1986), Katie Thatcher in the similarly named Open House (1987) and as Heba in a couple of episodes of the TV series Twin Peaks.
Miss World 1977
Mary Stavin as Kimberley Jones in
A View To A Kill
Mary Stavin with George Best
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Mary Stavin