Will Self in Nottingham, June 2006 to
Ciaran Brown with Will Self
I met the writer Will Self in June 2006 when he came to give a talk at The Broadway Cinema in Nottingham.  He read from his new novel The Book of Dave, and afterwards he signed my copy of the book.
Will Self reads from 'The Book of Dave' at Nottingham in June 2006
William Woodard Self was born in London in 1961.  His father was a professor at the London School of Economics, and his mother is American.  Will Self was well educated - at the Independent School UCS (University College School), Christ's College in Finchley and Exeter College, Oxford University where he studied philosophy.
He was an avid reader from a very early age, especially science fiction - he also had a taste for drugs & alcohol and, until 1998, was addicted to heroine.
Will Self is a prodigious, satirical writer, contributing countless articles and columns to many newspapers and magazines. From time to time, these have been collected together and republished in book form, with Junk Mail (1996), Feeding Frenzy (2001) and Psychogeography (2007) being typical examples.
However it is his full-length novels which are considered to be his better works although the storylines are often unusual to say the least. His is six published novels so far are:
Cock and Bull (1992) - about a man and a woman who develop sexual organs of the opposite sex.
Will Self's writings are very personal and can be very strange.   He is quoted as saying, "I
want to be misunderstood. And the other thing that

Dorian, An Imitation (2002) - a modern take on Oscar Wilde's novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.
How the Dead Live (2000) - an old lady dies, only to be moved to a London suburb where the dead have taken residence.
My Idea of Fun (1993) - a lonely boy grows up just outside Brighton in a caravan park with his over-sexual mother and Samuel Northcliff, who takes the boy on a disturbing and often violent journey.
The Book of Dave (2006) is the story of a London cab driver who, because of a mental breakdown, writes a book of rantings about many aspects of society, which he then buries. When the book is discovered 500 years later, it is used as the sacred text for a religion that exists in th flooded remnants of London.
Self has written several books of short stories  including  Grey  Area  (1994),
Great Apes (1997) about a world where chimpanzees and humans have opposite roles to the ones they have in today's world.
Signed copy of Will Self's book 'The Book of Dave'
amuses me is: I don't par-
Will Self has appeared a number of times on the TV shows Have I Got News For You, Shooting Stars and Grumpy Old Men.
Will Self has been married twice. His first wife was Katherine (the sister of actress Anna Chancellor), his second is the journalist Deborah Orr.
IMDb - Will Self
Will Self's writing room - 71 views
ticularly want to be liked. Nobody goes into the business of writing satire to be liked. Whether I am or am not a nice bloke is neither here nor there. It's not part of the task I've set myself in my art".
Will Self in 2006
Will Self reads from The Book of Dave
Official Website - will-self.com
He has his own website complete with 71 photos of his cluttered office!!
Will Self talks about his book 'The Book of Dave' at Nottingham in June 2006
Will Self reads from one of his books.
Will Self's book 'Cock and Bull'
Will Self's book 'Great Apes'
Will Self's book 'How The Dead Live'
Will Self at the 'Man of the Year' awards in 2006
Will Self's book 'My Idea of Fun'
Will Self's writing room
Will Self's book 'The Book of Dave'
Will Self's book 'Design Faults in the Volvo 760 Turbo'
Will Self's book 'Grey Area'
Will Self's book 'Junk Mail'
Design Faults in the Volvo 760 Turbo (1998) and Dr Mukti and Other Tales of Woe (2004).
Will Self
in Nottingham, June 2006
Will Self
Will Self
promote his book The Book of Dave
Will Self's writing room
Will Self signed my copy of The Book of Dave
Guardian - Will Self's writing room
Will Self
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