I had dressed as Dr Who for the occasion and got  this super photo with Billie.
In October 2006 I went to Liverpool to meet Billie Piper who was doing a book signing at Waterstones. She signed a copy of her autobiography, Growing Pains, for me, and also a large Dr Who photograph.
Altogether, Billie Piper appeared in 27 episodes of Dr Who, before her tearful farewell to the Doctor, and subsequent banishment to 'the parallel Earth'.
2000 saw yet another single, Day & Night make it to No.1, but from then on her recordings were less successsful, and by 2003 she stopped in favour of acting.
In 2005 came Billie Piper's big break when she landed the role of Rose Tyler in BBCTv's long-running sci-fi drama series Dr Who.  The Doctor almost always shares his adventures with his 'assistant' and Rose Tyler was the assistant, or companion, to both the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant).
A role in BBCTv's The Canterbury Tales (2003) was followed by Bella And The Boys (2004) in which Billie Piper won rave reviws as a troubled teenager growing up in care. She also had a small part in the boxing comedy The Calcium Kid (2004) with Orlando Bloom.
She followed this up with another single, Girlfriend, that went straight to No.1, success that led to her first album Honey To The B, with another album, Walk Of Life, following in 2000.
When her first recording Because We Want To was released, it went to No.1 in the UK charts, became a worldwide hit and, at 15 years old, made Billie Piper the youngest female solo artist to have a debut No.1.
In 1997, she was offered a record deal which focused her career on singing for the next six years.
She studied drama at the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London and, as a teenager, appeared on a Saturday morning KidsTV show called Scratchy & Co.
Billie Piper, yes that's her real name, was born in Swindon in 1982.
In 2006, Billie Piper starred as Sally Lockhart in the TV adaptation of Philip Pullman's novel The Ruby In The Smoke with Julie Walters and then in 2007, as Fanny Price in Mansfield Park by Jane Austin.
Billie Piper's personal life has had its ups and downs. particularly in 2001 when she married the flamboyant radio presenter, Chris Evans, and giving the tabloid newspapers a field day! Like many 'showbiz' marriages it didn't last, and in 2004 the pair divorced amicably.
2007 also saw her venturing onto London's West End  theatrical stage in Christopher Hampton's play Treats.
There are many websites, and countless images of Billie on the Internet - the links below will take you to some of them.
Billie Piper is still in her mid-20s and she has already won a number of awards including The National Television Awards on 26th October 2005, when Dr Who swept the board by winning the three categories for which it was nominated - Best Drama (Dr Who), Best Actor (Christopher Eccleston) and Best Actress (Billie Piper).
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Billie Piper & Christopher Eccleston
in Dr Who
Billie Piper as Sally Lockhart in
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Billie Piper & David Tennant
in Dr Who
Chris Evans and Billie Piper
Billie Piper autograph
Billie signed this photograph for me at a book signing
in Liverpool in October 2006
Billie Piper with her NTA Award
in 2005
Billie Piper
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