condition that they gave her a part in the film as well - so she also appears as James Bond's masseuse Dink.  In the sequence by the pool we see Dink being patted on her bottom by Sean Connery and being told to disappear as he had to have a 'man talk' with Felix. Robert Brownjohn's title scenes were complicated to film, and the whole process took two weeks to complete.
Margaret Nolan was born in the London suburb of Hampstead in 1943.  Her parents were Irish and she has a brother and a twin sister. She enjoyed family entertaiments as a child, and wanted to be a ballet dancer but, as she says, she "grew too tall!"
With a 38-24-36 figure,  she began her professional career as a model, under the name of Vicky Kennedy.  She revealed all for glamour photographer Harrison Marks, and her curvaceous body and pouting lips appeared regularly in magaz
This got her noticed by the producer of The Saint which led to a small role in a 1963 episode, and  further small parts in Saturday Night Out (1964) and the Bea
Her body was again seen to good effect as the strip-teasing art teacher Susie Naphill in the 1966 film The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery.
For much of the 1960s, Margaret appeared in  West End plays, and also in some of TV's more controversial series like The Wednesday Play.  Other TV work has included Steptoe & Son (1972), The Last of the Summer Wine (1973), The Sweeney (1975) and Fox (1980).  She was also a regular in five series with Spike Milligan.

Margaret Nolan's serious acting work has been substantial (look at her list of credits on her website) but to her dismay it is for the Carry Ons that she is best known - she loved making them but hated the
Other film work around this time included Val Guest's Toomorrow (1970) and the film of the West End play No Sex Please We're British (1973).
two sons. She moved to Spain to renovate an old farmhouse which she lived in until she returned to London in 2007. She
Margaret's first husband was actor and playwright Tom Kempinski until their amicable divorce in 1972.
Ciaran Brown with Margaret Nolan
I was really pleased to  meet Margaret Nolan at the Birmingham Hilton for Autographica in April 2008.  I told her that I enjoyed the Carry On films and she said they were fun to make, but she was scathing about how badly some of the actors were treated by Peter Rogers !!
This photo was taken at the evening drinks reception, but I saw her again the next day when she signed both my Carry On poster and Carry On book for me.
Margaret Nolan and Wilfred Brambell in 'A Hard Day's Night'
Margaret Nolan and Bernard Bresslaw in 'Carry On At Your Convenience'
Margaret Nolan and Harry H Corbett in 'Steptoe & Son'
Margaret Nolan and Bernard Bresslaw in 'Carry On Dick'
Margaret Nolan and Bernard Bresslaw in 'Carry On Dick'
Margaret Nolan as Dink in 'Goldfinger'
Margaret Nolan as Dawn Brakes in 'Carry On Girls'
Margaret Nolan on the title sequence for 'Goldfinger'
Sid James and Margaret Nolan in 'Carry On Henry'
Photomontage by Margaret Nolan
Margaret Nolan on the cover of 'Pix' magazine
Early glamour photo of Margaret Nolan (Vicky Kennedy)
magazines like Playboy, Pix and Parade.
An early glamour image as Vicky Kennedy
Margaret Nolan as a secretary in 'The Saint' (1963)
Beatles film A Hard Day's Night (1964) in which she appears with Wilfred Brambell in the casino scene.
Margaret Nolan as a secretary
in The Saint (1963)
Cec Linder, Sean Connery and Margaret Nolan in 'Goldfinger'
Margaret Nolan has appeared in no less than six Carry On films. She played the US President's 'bit on the side' Miss Jones in the first of these, Carry On Cowboy (1966).  In 1971, she was a 'buxom lass' in Carry On Henry, and that same year, was Popsy in Carry On At Your Convenience. In Carry On Matron (1972) she was the newly-pregnant Miss Tucker in a scene with Terry Scott.
Margaret Nolan as Miss Tucker n 'Carry On Matron'
Margaret Nolan as Miss Jones in 'Carry On Cowboy'
It was in Carry On Girls (1973) that Margaret had her most substantial role, as the bubbly Dawn Brakes. She has a memorable scene sitting on a donkey, which leads to a fight with Barbara Windsor!  She also   gets frisky with Bernard Bresslaw, and  a year later, in Carry On Dick (1974), she played Bresslaw's prissy wife, Lady Daley.
Margaret Nolan and Bernard Bresslaw in 'Carry On Girls'
Valerie Leon and Margaret Nolan in 'No Sex Please We're British'
by producer (Peter Rogers) and director (Gerald Thomas).
exploitation of the actors
She took up art and has become well known for her 'photomontages' made from old black and white portraits of her as an actress. You can see more of these on her official website (see link below).
Wikipedia - Margaret Nolan/Vicky Kennedy
Valerie Leon & Margaret Nolan
in No Sex Please We're British
Link to Margaret Nolan's Official Website
IMDb - Margaret Nolan
Margaret Nolan and Wilfred Brambell in
A Hard Day's Night
Margaret Nolan as Dink in Goldfinger
Robert Brownjohn & Margaret Nolan
Cec Linder, Sean Connery & Margaret Nolan
in Goldfinger
Goldfinger title sequence
With Bernard Bresslaw in Carry On Dick
......Carry On At Your Convenience
......Carry On Dick
......Carry On Girls
Margaret Nolan with Bernard Bresslaw in.......
Carry On Cowboy
Margaret Nolan as Miss Jones in
in Steptoe & Son
Harry H Corbett & Margaret Nolan
With Sid James in Carry On Girls
With Sid James in Carry On Henry
Margaret in Carry On Matron
Photomontage by Margaret Nolan
Photomontage by Margaret Nolan
Margaret was asked by Eon films to be photographed for the iconic title scenes of Goldfinger (1964). She agreed on
Margaret gave up acting in the late 1980s to look after her tw
Margaret Nolan
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Photomontage by Margaret Nolan