long-standing alcohol problem. It appears to have been a success as she left rehab in July 2007 saying that she felt "like a new-born person... I made a choice about a new life. It's not been easy but it was definitely time."
Brigitte Nielsen Roast on Flava Flav
Brigitte Nielsen signing Ciaran's photograph
Brigitte Nielsen signing my photo
In 1985 she also appeared in Rocky IV with her future husband Sylvester Stallone. 
Gitte Nielsen (she later used the name Brigitte) was born in Rødovre, a small village near Copenhagen in Denmark, in 1963. Her mother was a librarian and her father an engineer.
Brigitte Nielsen is famous for her love life, and her relationships have been many and complicated!!  In 1988 she  became engaged (but not married) to Mark Gastineau an American football player and they had a son Killian.
musician Kasper Winding, and the following
year their son Julian was born.
The two had met in Hollywood at the time Red Sonja was released and they married in Malibu six months later. After 19 months, They made another film together Cobra (1986) but, after many scandals they divorced in 1987.
were perfect for her character, and the world's press called her an 'amazon'.  Her co-star in the film was Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Early in 2007, Nielsen checked herself into  the 'Cri-Help'  rehab centre with a
Nielsen reached the height of her fame in 1987, when she played the assassin Karla Fry, a master thief,  in the Oscar-nominated Beverly Hills Cop II (1987).  She also posed several times for Playboy magazine at this time.
The marriage was short lived and in 1984 Brigitte turned to acting, appearing in her first film Red Sonja in 1985.  Although just a  'B movie', it is probably the one for which she is most well known.  Her  height (she is 6' 1" tall) and sultry looks
Nielsen started a short-lived music career shortly after her divorce from Sylvester Stallone. She released her debut album Every Body Tells A Story in that year. Her song Body Next To Body had some success in Germany and Austria, but her 1992 follow-up album was not a success. She
During the 1990s, she hosted a popular English-language talk show that was broadcast across Europe.
In January 2005 she appeared in the UK TV programme Celebrity Big Brother along with her mother-in-law-from-hell Jackie Stallone, horse racing eccentric John McCririck and Australian feminist writer Germaine Greer. In the end she came a respectable third.
In 2004, Nielsen was seen flirting with 'Public Enemy' rapper Flavor Flav in the reality TV show The Surreal Life on VH1 (an American digital TV channel). The show was such a success, due to Flav
Wikipedia - The Surreal Life
Wikipedia - Strange Love
She left High school when she was 16, to begin a career as a model. She worked for top fashion designers like Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace and Gianfranco Ferre, dividing her time between New York, Paris, Milan, and Berlin. In 1983, she married Danish
Nielsen's later films have included the romantic farce Bye Bye Baby (1989); prison drama Chained Heat (1993); Body Count (1995) an all-action thriller with Robert Davi, where Nielsen plays the lethal hit woman Sybil; Galaxis (1995) a sci-fi drama with Nielsen playing Ladera, a girl from a faraway planet; Snowboard Academy (1997) a zany, sexy comedy, and Doomsdayer (2001) where the race is on to save the planet from a nuclear disaster.
Brigitte Nielsen
Poster for Red Sonja
Brigitte Nielsen leaves the Big Brother house after finishing in third place!
'Body Count' DVD
'Bye Bye Baby' DVD
'Chained Heat' DVD
Brigitte Nielsen as Ingrid in 'Cobra'
'Compelling Evidence' DVD
Brigitte Nielsen publicity shot
Brigitte Nielsen with rapper Flavor Flav
Brigitte Nielsen with ex-mother-in-law Jackie Stallone on Channel 4's 'Big Brother'
Mark Gastineau
Brigitte Nielsen marries Mattia Dessi
Brigitte Nielsen with John McCririck on Channel 4's 'Big Brother'
Brigitte Nielsen's third husband Raoul Meyer
Brigitte Nielsen was engaged to photographer Sebastian Copeland
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brigitte Nielsen in 'Red Sonja'
'Cobra' DVD
Brigitte Nielsen's first husband Kasper Winding
Brigitte Nielsen with Ciaran Brown
Brigitte Nielsen with Ciaran Brown
I really enjoyed meeting larger-than-life actress Brigitte Nielsen at Autographica in October 2007.  She signed a photograph of her as Red Sonja for me.
She is very tall and very friendly, posing with everyone who wanted a photograph taken with her.  Lots of people, even my dad, got big kisses from her too!!
Brigitte Nielsen is kissed by a lion cub
Brigitte Nielsen in 1980
Brigitte Nielsen as the singer 'Gitta'
'Rocky IV' DVD
Arnold Schwarzenegger & Brigitte Nielsen in
Red Sonja (1985)
Brigette Nielsen as Red Sonja
Brigitte Nielsen aged 16
Brigitte Nielsen as Karla Fry in 'Beverly Hills Cop II'
made a musical comeback as 'Gitta' in 1999 with No More Turning Back which reached No.1 in Spain.
Brigitte Nielsen poses for the cover photo on Playboy Magazine, December 1987
In the late 1980s, Marvel Comics wanted to make a film that would capitalise on the popularity of their Incredible Hulk character. They hired Brigitte Nielsen to pose for photos dressed as She-Hulk because she had starred as another Marvel Comics character, Red Sonja. The She-Hulk film was never produced.
Brigitte Nielsen as 'She-Hulk'
It is often claimed that She 'married' photographer/dir-ector Sebastian Copeland in 1990 but she has always claimed that it was not a legal marriage. She married for the fifth time in 2005, to an Italian barman Mattia
erest in Nielsen and helped to change the misconception that she could only be known for her beauty. She also worked a lot for Italian Television around this time.
Brigitte Nielsen
Brigitte Nielsen publicity shot
Brigitte Nielsen signed photo of her as Red Sonja
Brigitte Nielsen on Channel 4's 'Big Brother'
IMDb - Brigitte Nielsen
Wikipedia - Brigitte Nielsen
Brigitte Nielsen in Body Count
Trailer for Red Sonja
Brigitte Nielsen in Galaxis
Brigitte Nielsen in Bye Bye Baby
Brigette Nielsen in 976-Evil II
Gitta (Brigitte Nielsen) No More Turning Back
Brigitte Nielsen as Gitta
Brigitte Nielsen in 1980
Brigitte aged 16
Brigitte Nielsen as Red Sonja
Brigitte Nielsen as Ingrid in Cobra
Brigitte marries Sylvester Stallone
Brigitte Nielsen as Karla in Beverly Hills Cop II
Brigitte Nielsen as She-Hulk
Brigitte Nielsen is kissed by a lion cub!
Mark Gastineau
Raoul Meyer
Sebastian Copeland
Brigitte signed this photo for me - it shows her as Red Sonja
Brigitte Nielsen marries Mattia Dessi
Brigitte Nielsen
Brigitte Nielsen publicity shot
Brigitte Nielsen publicity shot
Brigitte Nielsen
Brigitte & John McCririck
Brigitte Nielsen with Flavor Flav
Jackie Stallone & Brigitte
Brigitte Nielsen in Big Brother
Brigitte leaves the Big Brother house
after coming third!
Another photo of me with Brigitte Nielsen at Autographica
Poster for Red Sonja
Brigitte poses for Playboy 1987
Brigitte Nielsen - sometimes called 'The Great Dane'
The Great Dane!
From 1993 until 2005 she was
married to Swiss racing driver Raoul Meyer. They had  two sons.
orce to  her previous husband was not finalised, they had to marry again in 2006 to make it legal!
Dessi but, because her div-
and Nielsen, that  VH1  produced  a  spin-off  reality
show called Strange Love but this was highly controversial with Nielsen and Flav constantly fighting and yelling at each other.  Nielsen has tried to belittle the diminutive, and extremely ugly, Flav at every opportunity since!
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