Whilst only having small, and virtually non-speaking, roles in Octopussy (1983), they make for a memorable addition to the cast of characters.  The film opens with the pre-title action concerning the death of a 'Double 0' agent, 009, who has been working undercover as a clown in Octopussy's circus.  He is killed by the knife throwing twins and is then replaced by 007.
David & Tony Meyer are identical twins, born in Watford in 1947.  One of the twins now lives in Australia and the other in Britain
Both twins have had small roles in other productions - follow the IMDb link for details of these.
IMDb - David Meyer
IMDb - Tony Meyer
The twins, Mischka & Grischka, are two of Kamal Khan's henchmen and normally work together. Mischka is killed on the train by Bond, who drops a cannon on him. After coming off the train, Bond is chased by Grischka who pins him against a door with his knives. 007 frees himself though and avenges 009's death by throwing a knife back at Grischka, killing him instantly.
Tony Meyer (left) & David Meyer (right) with Ciaran Brown
Tony Meyer as Grischko in Octopussy
Tony Meyer as Grischka in
I met the Meyer twins (Tony on the left in the red shirt, David on the right) at the Starcon event held at Kempton Park racecourse, in September 2006.  They both liked my Jeff Marshall Octopussy lithograph, which they hadn't seen before, and signed it, with Tony adding a little dagger below his name!
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David & Tony Meyer