Zena Marshall with Ciaran Brown
Zena Marshall as Miss Taro in Dr No
Her first appearance in films was in Caesar and Cleopatra (1945), coincidentally this was also the film in which Roger Moore made his screen debut - as an uncredited Roman soldier! 
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Bond Girls Are Forever event
In later years, Zena Marshall has concentrated more on the theatre, but her other films have included Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines (1965) and science-fiction comedy The Terrornauts (1967).
Zena Marshall then had roles in numerous films where, because of her appearance, she  was often cast as Italian or Asian characters.
Zena Marshall was born in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1927.
It was as the Chinese Miss Taro in the first James Bond film Dr No (1962) that Zena Marshall is best known.  Miss Taro is Professor Dent's assistant, and it is her task to lure 007 to his death, but she ends up being taken captive by the British Foreign Service.
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Zena Marshall as Miss Taro in Dr No
It was a lovely, hot Sunday in July, 2006 when I went to Pinewood Studios for their event that brought together some of the leading ladies from the James Bond films.  'Bond Girls Are Forever' was not only a chance to meet these famous ladies, but also another opportunity to be shown round the studios, and the grounds, where so many famous films have been made. It wasn't possible to see inside the 007 Stage this time as they were filming the last scenes of Casino Royale. Sadly, the stage was destroyed by fire exactly four weeks later.

Zena signed my Dr No lithograph, a photograph, my Bond Girls book and my event programme.
Fire at Pinewood
Zena Marshall signed this photograph in my Bond Girls book.
It shows a scene with Sean Connery in Dr No
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Zena Marshall (1927 - 2009)
Zena Marshall died on 10th July 2009.