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Jonathan Hyde
Jonathan Hyde with Ciaran Brown
Jonathan Hyde was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1948.  He was educated at Geelong Grammar School, where he was a boarder.  Jonathan had a guardian who took him to the opera and the theatre.   After he graduated from university in Australia, he came to England. He
Jonathan Hyde's daughter Georgia King
Jonathan Hyde as Baglione in 'Caravaggio'
Jonathan Hyde as Dr Dorn in 'The Seagull'
Jonathan Hyde as Edward Marshall Hall in 'Shadow of the Noose'
Jonathan Hyde as Dr Allen Chamberlain in 'The Mummy'
Jonathan Hyde as Warren Westridge in 'Anaconda'
Jonathan Hyde autograph
He saw Ian McKellen perform as Richard II and thought, "That's what I want to do, that's what I want to be." He arranged auditions at four different drama schools. The first was at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and when they offered him a place there, he didn't bother with the other three!
For nearly forty years, Jonathan Hyde has gained an enormous reputation as a fine stage actor, most notably with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) and The National Theatre. In 2007, he went on a world tour with two plays which Trevor Nunn
Jonathan Hyde in 1972
Jonathan Hyde in 1972
Jonathan Hyde has appeared in a number of films since his earliest Caravaggio in 1986. During the earl
early 1990s, he suffered 'mental fatigue' from the endless treadmill of nightly theatre performances & daytime rehearsals, and turned to films for variety.
Hyde as Dr Dorn in The Seagull
These have included the comedy Richie Rich (1994),  the fantasy Jumanji (1995), play  Parrish
Jonathan Hyde in Caravaggio
Jonathan Hyde as Van Pelt in Jumanji
Jonathan Hyde as Van Pelt in 'Jumanji'
Jonathan Hyde as Westridge in
Jonathan Hyde as J Bruce Ismay in Titanic
Jonathan Hyde as Chamberlain in The Mummy
Hyde as Turner in The Contract

Titanic. Two years later he played the Egyptologist Dr. Allen Chamberlain in the Oscar-nominated The Mummy.
His more recent films have been the political drama Land of the Blind (2006) and the crime thriller The Contract (2006).
playing the roles of both Sam Parrish &  Van Pelt, and Anaconda (1997) a Peruvian horror thriller.  1997 also saw Hyde as J. Bruce Ismay, the managing director of the White Star  LinelLine in the multiuaward winning film Ti
Jonathan Hyde as J Bruce Ismay in 'Titanic'
Jonathan Hyde & Macauley Caulkin in 'Richie Rich'
Jonathan Hyde & MacauleyCaulkin in
Richie Rich
Jonathan Hyde as Turner in 'The Contract'
Jonathan Hyde is also a familiar face on the small screen.  One of his earliest TV appearances was as Tommy in the first series of the long running drama The Professionals (1978). Ano
Jonathan Hyde in The Professionals
Another notable TV role was in the 1989 BBC mini-series Shadow of the Noose in which he played the famous English barrister Edward Marshall Hall.
Jonathan Hyde as Tommy in 'The Professionals'
His later TV credits have included Cadfael (1994), Peak Practice (1994), Midsomer Mur-
Jonathan Hyde as Mayor Waldo in 'Dinotopia'
ders (1995 & 2003) and a Touch of Frost (1996) along with seven episodes of the fantasy series Dinotopia (2002) in which he plays Mayor Waldo.
Shadow of the Noose
Jonathan Hyde signing photograph
Georgia King
Jonathan Hyde signing my photo
Jonathan has signed this photo to me
Jonathan Hyde is married to the Scottish operatic soprano Isobel Buchanan
Jonathan Hyde is also an accomplished singer and painter.
Trevor Nunn directed - Shakespeare's King Lear, and Chekhov's The Seagull. His website lists all the productions with which he has been associated (click here).
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Link to Jonathan Hyde's Official Website
Jonathan Hyde's Official Website
I really enjoyed meeting Jonathan Hyde at the Hilton Hotel in Birmingham in April 2009. He was so friendly.  He told me how he enjoyed playing cards with David Warner & Victor Garber during the filming of Titanic, and how he was currently working with two other 'Ciarans' in Peter Pan!
He wished me 'Good Luck' with my acting, and signed one of his photos for me.
Buchanan whom he met when working with the Glasgow Citizens Company during the 1970s. They live in Bath and have two daughters, one of whom is the actress Georgia King.