the National Theatre. More West End roles followed - Frederick Fellowes in Michael Frayn's 'play within a play' Noises Off (2008) at The Ambassadors Theatre, Gabriel York in When the Rain Stops Falling (2009) at the Almeida Theatre and Mak Kellerman in Dirty Dancing (2010-11) at the Aldwych Theatre. In this, he had sing
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Richard Hope
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Richard Hope as an Audition Musician in the film 'Breaking Glass' (1980)
Richard Hope as Brownlow in the TV series 'New Tricks' (2005)
Richard Hope as Dr Mere & Jean Simmons as Etta Marsh in  the TV movie 'December Flower' (1987)
Richard Hope as Dr. Morrie Sanders in the TV series 'Silent Witness' (2005)
Richard Hope as Frank Vaudrey & Nicholas Farrell as James Collier in the episode 'The Funk Hole' from the TV series 'Foyle's War' (2003)
Richard Hope as Heatherstone in the TV movie 'Children of the New Forest' (1998)
Richard Hope as Jessica's Dad in the film 'My Brother Tom' (2001)
Richard Hope as Lieutenant Hooper in the TV mini-series 'Brideshead Revisited' (1981)
Richard Hope & Maureen Beattie in the film short 'The Last Post' (1995)
Richard Hope as Mr Astley in the TV mini-series 'Tipping the Velvet' (2001)
Richard Hope in a commercial for the Nat West Bank
Richard Hope as Neville Hayward in the episode 'They Seek Him There' from the TV series 'Midsomer Murders' (2007)
Richard Hope as Norman Beer & Imelda Staunton as Jane Hartman in the episode 'Antonia and Jane' from the TV series 'Screenplay' (1990)
Richard Hope as Professor Tim Dexter & Jay Barrymore as Michael Dexter in the TV series 'The Demon Headmaster' (1998)
Richard Hope & Rosalind Knight in the film short 'Swords at Teatime' (1992)
Richard Hope as Russell in 'The Swan' (20110
Richard Hope as Rod Jessop in the TV series 'The Bill' (2007)
Richard Hope as Salto in the film 'Bellman and True' (1987)
Richard Hope
Richard Hope as Simon in the TV series 'A Perfect State' (1997)
Richard Hope as 'Skull' Skelton in the TV mini-series 'Piece of Cake' (1988)
Richard Hope with Ciaran brown
I met Richard Hope at the Collectormania event held in June 2012, at the MK Dons stadium in Milton Keynes.
Richard Hope (centre) in 'Donkey's Years' (2007)
Richard Hope in Bloody Kids
Breaking Glass (1980)
December Flower (1987)
Bellman and True (1987)
Brideshead Revisited (1981)
Piece of Cake (1988)
Bramwell (1997)
Children of the New Forest (1998)
With Maureen Beattie in The Last Post
Antonia and Jane (1990)
With Rosalind Knight in Swords at Teatime
New Tricks (2005)
Silent Witness (2005)
My Brother Tom (2001)
Tipping the Velvet (2002)
The Bill (2001)
The Bill (2007)
Midsomer Murders (2007)
Richard Hope as Russell in The Swan
Democracy 2012
Richard Hope (centre) in Donkey's Years
A Perfect State (1997)
Richard Hope is one of of those character actors whose face you know from countless films and TV programmes.  Sometimes it may be hard to put the name to the face, but a look
I was crewing for this event, as was my dad who was lucky enough to be Richard's 'guest assistant' for the day.
Richard Hope at Collectormania Milton Keynes in June 2012
look down his very lengthy list of credits on IMDb will reveal roles in some of the memorable shows and series of the past 35 years.
My dad & Richard Hope at Collectormania
Richard Walker (Hope is his professional name) was born in Kettering, Northants, but raised in Norfolk. He attended Oakham School (an Independent school dating back to the 16th Century) from
Always interested in acting, he was a member of the National Youth Theatre from 1972-1976, where he trained with the likes of Ken Campbell, Richard Wilson and Jack Shepherd. In 1975, Richard appeared on TV as a 'Security Official' in a BBC Play
from 1967 until 1971.
Richard Hope as the Security Official in the BBC Play for Today 'By Common Consent' (1975)
Richard Hope in By Common Consent
Richard Hope
Richard's days at The National theatre brought him into contact with Sir Laurence Olivier who provided him with an early TV role in Saturday, Sunday, Monday (1978) alongside Olivier himself, and the likes of Frank Finlay, John Duttine, Joan Plowright and Edward Woodward. For a year, Olivier  mentored Richard, who says of him, "A really, really kind man, he was just a charming person. He said ‘Just work with good people - you’ll always look better if you’re working with people who will push you a little bit more’. I have and I’ve quietly slipped into people’s consciousness ever since.”
Youth Theatre by Paul Thompson.
Richard Hope in the film 'Bloody Kids' (1979)
Included here are images of some of the roles he has played on film and TV over three decades.
Richard Hope as a Young Detective in the film 'Scandalous' (1984)
Richard Hope as Hubert and Bill Owen as Amos in the film 'Singleton's Pluck' (1985)
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Scandalous (1984)
Singleton's Pluck (1985)
Richard Hope & Jane Horrocks in the sketch 'We'd Quite Like to Apologise' from the TV series 'Victoria Wood' (1989)
The Victoria Wood Show (1989)
Richard Hope as Donald Spry & Alan Howard as Sam McCready in the TV series 'Frederick Forsyth Presents' (1989)
Frederick Forsyth Presents (1989)
Richard Hope as Geoff & Katy Murphy as Maddy in 'Itch' from the TV series '4 Play' (1991)
Itch (1991)
Richard Hope as Alistair in the film 'The Sea Change' (1998)
Richard Hope as George Talbot & David Calder as Robert Bramwell in the TV mini-series 'Bramwell' (1997)
Richard Hope as Roy Shearer & Simon Shepherd as Dr Will Preston in the episode 'A Normal Life' from the TV series 'Peak Practice' (1995)
Richard Hope as Richard & Geraldine James as Rose Garrity in the TV series 'Band of Gold' (1995)
The Sea Change (1998)
Band of Gold (1997)
Peak Practice (1995)
Richard Hope as Dr. Kingswood in the TV series 'In Deep' (2001)
In Deep (2001)
The Demon Headmaster (1998)
Judge John Deed (2001)
Richard Hope as George Collins in the episode 'Happy Families' from the TV series 'Murder City' (2004)
Murder City (2004)
Foyle's War (2003)
Richard Hope as Patrick in the TV series 'Murder in Suburbia' (2004)
Murder in Suburbia (2004)
Richard Hope as John Bradshaw in the TV documentary 'The Trial of the King Killers' (2005)
The Trial of the King Killers (2005)
Richard Hope as Judge Spicer in the episode 'The Gunfight at the OK Corral' from the TV mini-series 'The Wild West' (2007)
The Wild West (2006)
Richard Hope as Ted Hubbard in the TV series 'East Enders' (2008)
Richard Hope as Supt. Harold Spence & David Suchet as Hercule Poirot in the episode 'Taken at the Flood' from the TV series 'Agatha Christie: Poirot' (2006)
Agatha Christie's Poirot (2006)
East Enders (2008)
East Enders (2008)
Richard Hope as Allen Debdale in the episode 'Temptation' from the TV series 'The Bill' (2001)
Richard Hope as Ted Hubbard in the TV series 'East Enders' (2008)
Richard Hope as Peter Taylor & Meryl Hampton as Maureen Taylor in the episode 'Hidden Agenda' from the TV series 'Judge John Deed' (2001)
In 2012, Richard appeared as Doctor Malohkeh in an episode of the TV series Doctor Who entitled Cold Blood. This
Richard Hope & Karen Gillan in the episode 'Cold Blood' from the TV series 'Doctor Who' (2012)
This was a two-part story that featured the return of the Silurians, a technologically advanced species of 'Earth reptile' with lizard-like heads. Malohkeh was the chief scientist of a Silurian colony that lived deep below a Welsh village. Richard Hope's Silurian character (then spelt Malokeh) first appeared in the episode The Wedding of River Song (2011), when he was physician to Holy Roman Emperor Winston Churchill (played by Ian McNeice). Richard's  prosthetic Silurian head comes in three sections and required three and a half hours in make-up for each filming session!
Richard Hope & Karen Gillan in Doctor Who (2012)
Richard Hope has also made several film 'shorts' since his first one, Margie and Me (1978), in which he played a policeman. These include Dogplant (1988), Swords at Teatime (1992), The Last Post (1995) and Bloom (2004).
Over the years, Richard Hope has appeared in a number of commercials advertising John Smith's lager, Vauxhall cars, Uncle Ben's rice and Nat West bank, in which he famously appeared wearing wings! His latest one is for Land Rover.
Richard Hope in a commercial for John Smith's lager
Richard Hope commercial advertising  Uncle Ben's Gratins sauces
Uncle Ben's sauces
Nat West Bank
John Smith's lager
Richard Hope in a 2012 commercial for Land Rover vehicles
Richard Hope in the 2012 commercial for Land Rover
Richard Hope autograph
Richard Hope has also had a long stage career. Some of his early roles were with the comedian Ken Campbell's Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool
Liverpool. These included and included several characters in The Warp (1978), and the Ford Prefect in The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1979) and MacCruskeen in The Third Policeman (1980).
Richard Hope as the Second Watch in Shakespear's 'Much Ado About Nothing' (1981)
Richard later had National Theatre roles in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing (1981), The Government Inspector (1985), Pravda (1985) and Hamlet (1986). The Visit (1988 & 1991), in which Richard Hope played
In Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, he played the lead role of Levin in both of its runs, the first in 1993 at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, and then on tour to New York, Brisbane and Buenos Aires in 1998. More Tolstoy came in the play War and Peace (1996) at the National Theatre, with Richard playing Pierre.
Richard Hope & Teresa Banham on the programme cover for 'Anna Karenina'
played The Mayor, was the play that established the relationship of Complicite (the experimental theatre company founded in 1983 by Simon McBurney) with the National Theatre. Richard remains an Associate Member of Complicite.
Much Ado About Nothing
Anna Karenina programme
After playing the title role in Shakespeare's Cymbeline
Cymbeline (2001) at The Globe Theatre, Richard Hope's next success was as John Wheelwright in John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany (2002) atthe
at the National Theatre.
Richard Hope in
After a five-year break from the stage Richard Hope has appeared in no less than eight plays in the past five years. He played Norman Tate in Donkeys' Years (2007) and The Hiker in The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other (2008) at theNa
Richard Hope in Noises Off
When the Rain Stops Falling
Richard Hope & Phoebe Nicholls in 'When the Rain Stops Falling' (2009)
Richard Hope & Johnny Wright in 'Dirty Dancing' at the Aldwych Theatre (2010)
Richard Hope & Johnny Wright in Dirty Dancing
In 2011, Richard played Commander Goodman in There is a War, and Russell
Russell in The Swan.  These two new plays under the overall title of Double Feature, were performed at the National Theatre's
In March 2012, Richard was cast in the role of Horst Ehmke in the fast-moving spy thriller Democracy, part of the Michael
Theatre's Paintframe location.
Richard Hope & Patrick Drury in 'Democracy' at he Crucible Theatre in Sheffield in 2012
Richard Hope & Patrick Drury in Democracy
Michael Frayn season at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. Its success led to a 6-week run in June 2012 at London's Old Vic. In August 2012, he will play the Duke
Richard Hope
After living in London for many years, Richard moved to Tenby in Pembrokeshire where he can pursue his love of walking and cycling.  He is married with two children.

Richard Hope
Duke of Albany in Shakespeare's King Lear, alongside Jonathan Pryce in the title role, at the Almeida Theatre in London.
Be sure to visit Richard's Official Website
Richard Hope playlist (44 videos)
Richard has signed this photo to me
Richard Hope in 'Noises Off' at the Ambassadors Theatre in 2008
had to sing and dance for the first time on stage!
BBC Play for Today By Common Consent, which was written especially for the National Youth