Britt Ekland with Ciaran Brown
Britt Ekland was one of a number of Bond Girls that I met at Pinewood Studios in July 2006.  She signed my Bond Girls book (you can see the photograph below), my Jeff Marshall lithograph, a photograph and the event programme.
I met her again at Starcon where I bought a signed photograph of Peter Sellers.  I showed it to Britt who confirmed that the signature was genuine.
Britt Ekland was born in Sweden in 1942.  After drama school, she joined a travelling theatre, but her stunning looks quickly got her noticed and soon she was appearing in Italian films.
Life changed for Britt when, as a 22 year old, she married British actor Peter Sellers. Their daughter was born in 1965 and they appeared together in 2 films, After The Fox (1966) and The Bobo (1967). They divorced in 1968.
During the early 70s, Britt's appearances were mainly in low budget films although two notable exceptions were Get Carter (1971) with Michael Caine and The Wicker Man (1973), a cult thriller set on a Hebridean island. This film featured Christopher Lee, who was later to star as Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Gun.
In 1974, Britt Ekland was cast in the role of Mary Goodnight, in the James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun. Mary Goodnight, 007s contact in The Far East, is not
In recent years, Britt has done mainly TV work, and pantomime. She has also written
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Britt Ekland as Olimpia Segura in 'Bobo'
Britt Ekland as Olimpia Segura
in The Bobo
Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight in 'The Man With The Golden Gun'
Britt Ekland as Willow in 'The Wicker Man'
Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight in
The Man With The Golden Gun
Britt Ekland signed photograph
Britt Ekland's autobiography 'True Britt'
Britt Ekland has signed this photo of her with Peter Sellers
My signed photo of Britt Ekland & Peter Sellers
in my Bond Girls book
Britt remembered me when I met her again at the Birmingham NEC in November 2008.  She signed two Wicker Man photos for me and a James Bond First Day Cover.
Britt Ekland signing photo at Memorabilia in 2008
Britt Ekland signed this photo for me
'James Bond' first day cover signed by Britt Ekland, Maud Adams & Sir Roger Moore
Britt Ekland as Willow MacGregor
in The Wicker Man
herself locked in Scaramanga's car boot as it is chased round the streets of Hong Kong, and she is also forced to spend several hours in Bond's hotel wardrobe
not the most clever of his agents!   She manages to get
My James Bond first day cover signed by Britt Ekland, Maud Adams
Adams & Sir Roger Moore - stars of The Man With the Golden Gun
whilst Andrea Anders (played by Maud Adams) entertains 007 (Roger Moore) in the room. Britt Ekland said of the film, "It was one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done."
written her entertaining autobiography 'True Britt', which says a lot about the various relationships that she has had during her life.
Britt's autobiography
'The Man with the Golden Gun' dvd
Britt Ekland with Ciaran Brown
Britt Ekland signed photo
Britt Ekland signed photo with one of her lines from 'The Wicker Man'
With Britt at Memorabilia in Birmingham in 2008
Britt signing a photo for me
Britt Ekland signed this photograph for me
It is a scene from The Wicker Man
Britt Ekland signed this scene from The Wicker Man, adding one
of her lines from the film
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