Arthur Bostrom was born in Rugby in 1955.  He obtained a BA (Hons) degree from Durham University before training in London for the theatre.  A short biography can be found on the 'bio' page of Arthur's website - click this link to take you there:
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Arthur Bostrom with Ciaran Brown
These are some Crabtree quotes, and they give an idea of the kind of dialogue that Arthur Bostrom has to deliver:
Arthur is, of course, best known for his character Officer Crabtree in 73 episodes of 'Allo! 'Allo! between 1985 and 1992.  Crabtree is an English undercover officer disguised as a french gendarme, but he is unable to speak good French. The humour derives from his mispronunciations.  The first words he speaks in most of the episodes are his catchphrase "Good moaning!"
It was good to meet Arthur Bostrom at Memorabilia in Birmingham in November 2006.  He is very tall (6' 4") as you can probably tell from this photograph. His character, Officer Crabtree in 'Allo! 'Allo! is very funny as he mixes up all his words.  I resisted the temptation to greet him with "Good Moaning!"  He signed my War Diaries book for me.
Crabtree: Good Moaning, I have come to arost your mither
Edith: Arrest her, why?
She has been pissing fudged bink notes in the hit shop.
What does Crabtree say Yvette?
Yvette: I think he said "she has been passing forged bank notes in the hat shop.
Rene (Dressed like Fanny, doing a poor impression of her): Edith, remind him he is supposed to be on our side.
Crabtree: Who is the ugly old bog in the bid with your mither?
I have been asking the same question.
Rene (takes off his wig):
It is I, Rene.
My Gid that was a god disgeese, I was complotely decieved by the wog.
Rene: Edith, give him 500 francs from the till and tell him to pass off.
There is no need to be rode.
"Good Moaning. The resist-once have accqo-aired a bum. They are going to ex-plod the whaleway brodge."

"Hole Hotler!"

"I was pissing by the door, when I heard two shats. You are holding in your hand a smoking goon; you are clearly the guilty potty."

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"My lips are soiled."
Following 'Allo! 'Allo!, Arthur Bostrom's work has been mainly in live theatre.
Before 'Allo! 'Allo!, Arthur Bostrom appeared in several TV series including Hi-De-Hi (1983), Just Good Friends (1983) and a TV adaptation of Agatha Christie's The Body in the Library (1984).
The inspiration for Officer Crabtree came to writer David Croft after hearing British Prime Minister Edward Heath speak French with a broad English accent!
Arthur Bostrom as Officer Crabtree, with Vicki Michelle & Gorden Kaye
'Allo! 'Allo!
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Arthur Bostrom as Officer Crabtree, Vicki Michelle & Gorden Kaye in 'Allo! 'Allo!
"Michelle has arranged to spook to him on the radio at farteen ears."
"If the Nizis find them, we could be up the crick without a piddle."
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Arthur Bostrom
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