Priscilla Barnes with Ciaran Brown
Priscilla Barnes signs Ciaran's Bond Girl book
Priscilla Barnes adds her signature to my
I met Priscilla at the Birmingham NEC in November 2006. She was very friendly and looked very glamorous.  We chatted about how good we thought  Timothy Dalton was as 007 and she signed my Bond Girls book and my Licence to Kill litho.
Priscilla Barnes comes from New Jersey, and is famous in the USA for her appearances as Terri Alder in the TV series Three's Company.
Other TV shows that she has appeared in include Starsky & Hutch and The Rockford Files.
Priscilla has recently appeared as Gloria Sullivan in Rob Zombie's horror film The Devil's Rejects (2005), and has said that she is "more proud of this role than any role I have ever done."
In the sixteenth Bond film Licence To Kill (1989), Priscilla plays Della Churchill who, in the early part of the film, marries Felix Leiter.  The honeymoon is shortlived though as Felix is captured by Sanchez's henchmen, and Della is later found dead - still in her wedding dress!
Priscilla Barnes as Gloria Sullivan in The Devil's Rejects
Priscilla Barnes as Gloria Sullivan
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Priscilla Barnes as Della Churchill
Priscilla Barnes as Della Churchill in Licence To Kill
in The Devil's Rejects
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