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Ben Miller & Rowan Atkinson in 'Johnny English'
Armstrong & Miller
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Armstrong and Miller - Who Do You Think You Are? Spoof - Alexander Armstrong's Royal Romp
Pimms Commercial - Sauna
Pimms Commercial - Prison Holiday Camp
Pimms Commercial - Prince Charming
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Armstrong and Miller - Train Song
QI - Ben Miller explains the Hadron Collider
In September 2010, I went to the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham to see the extremely funny Armstrong and Miller Show which was on tour. I met Xander and Ben afterwards when they signed my programme and my spoof WWII poster. I had a photo with each of them, and also this one with them together.
Armstrong & Miller - 'Driving Test'
Alexander Armstrong as 'the frank dad'
Alexander Armstrong as 'the inappropriate dentist'
Alexander Armstrong as Martin Baine-Jones in 'The Node' sketches from 'The Armstrong and Miller Show'
Armstrong & Miller as 'Pru and Miranda'
Alexander Armstrong in a commercial for the drink 'Pimms'
Armstrong & Miller
Armstrong & Miller - Airmen
Martin Freeman & Alexander Armstrong in 'Micro Men'
Alexander Armstrong as Michael Masters in 'Dr Terrible's House of Horrible'
Alexander Armstrong as chairman of 'Have I Got News For You'
Alexander Armstrong as DI Craddock with Geraldine McEwan in 'Marple: A Murder is Announced'
Alexander Armstrong as Clive Sinclair in 'Micro Men'
Alexander Armstrong presenting the first edition of 'Pointless'
Alexander Armstrong investigates his past in 'Who Do You Think You Are?'
Ben Miller with Ciaran Brown
Ben Miller with his wife Belinda Stewart-Wilson in 'Primeval'
Rob Brydon & Ben Miller on 'QI'
Jez Butterworth
In 1994, Time Out magazine wrote that the stand-up comedians Armstrong and Miller had invented a 'new kind of comedy' when they appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe that year. It went on to say that the show "isn't funny and has no jokes whatsoever". Two years later in 1996, they were again at the Fringe, but this time were so successful that they were nominated for a Perrier Comedy  Award.  Three
years later they had landed their first TV series, Armstrong and Miller, which ran for fourrr
Armstrong & Miller - 'Origins of...' sketch
Armstrong and Miller
'The Armstrong & Miller Show' dvd
Armstrong and Miller in an 'Origins Of...' sketch
Armstrong and Miller RAF pilots
Ben Miller as Craig Children in 'The Node' sketches from 'The Armstrong and Miller Show'
Armstrong and Miller in their Node sketches
Other regular duos include Brabbins (Armstrong) and Fyffe (Miller) who sing bawdy so
songs, and are the two filthy alter egos of the musicians Flanders & Swann; Martin Baine-Jones (Armstrong)  and Craig Children (Miller) two web cri
There are many recurring characters, the best known being the two upper-crust WWII RAF pilots who speak with 'posh' accents but have the colloquial language of chavs, using terms such as "like" & "and shit" in their conversations.
Pru (Miller) and Miranda (Armstrong) two bickering ladies who run a cafe and Tony (Armstrong) and Dimitri (Miller) as the fo
critics in The Node sketches; Pete (Armstrong) and Rog (Miller) as the adulterer and the unsuspecting husband; Pr
Armstrong & Miller as 'Brabbins and Fyffe'
football coach and his Russian boss.
Armstrong and Miller as Pru and Miranda
Armstrong and Miller as Pete and Rog
Armstrong & Miller as 'Pete and Rog'
Alexander Armstrong as 'Brabbins' (Michael Flanders)
Armstrong and Miller as Brabbins and Fyffe
Armstrong as Brabbins
Armstrong as the inappropriate dentist
Miller as Dennis Lincoln-Park
They each have their individual characters too. Armstrong has the 'frank da
dad', the 'inappropriate dentist' and Dr Tia, a condescending ex-pat doctor living in Botswana.
Miller's characters include Dennis Lincoln-Park, the very  accident-prone art historian, 'jilted Jim' who honeymoons on his own and 'the old clubber' who likes to think he's still young!
Ben Miller as 'the teacher'
Ben Miller as art historian 'Dennis Lincoln-Park'
Armstrong and Miller driving test
Miller as the teacher
Armstrong as the frank dad
Ben Miller as 'the old clubber'
Ben Miller and Alexander Armstrong receive their BAFTA for 'The Armstrong & Miller Show'
The show won a BAFTA for 'Best Comedy Programme'  in 20
Miller as the old clubber
Armstrong and Miller receive their BAFTA
Alexander Armstrong with Ciaran Brown
Alexander Armstrong
Alexander Henry Fenwick Armstrong was born in Rothbury, Northumberland in March 1970, son of a GP Angus Armstrong, who is distantly related to the 1st Baron Armstrong of Cragside in Northumberland.  Alexander's mother is Virginia McCausland, he has one older brother, Dominic, one older sister, Alice, and is known to his friends as Xander or Alex.
Ciaran Brown with Alexander Armstrong
He went to Durham School, and then to Cambridge University where he read Engli
English at Trinity College. He was in the Cambridge Footlights (the University's dramatic club) along with another student Ben Miller.
Jez Butterworth
In the late 1990s, Armstrong appeared in TV series like The Jack Docherty Show (1997) and the sitcom
Alexander Armstrong as Nick the vet in 'Beast'
sitcom Beast (2000) playing Nick, an animal-hating vet. He also had roles in the TV movies Sharpe's Regiment (1996) & The Sight (2000).
Alexander Armstrong as Turnavine in 'Murder Rooms: Mysteries of the Real Sherlock Holmes'
As Nick the vet in Beast
As Turnavine in Murder Rooms
As Insp. Craddock in A Murder is Announced
Armstrong's  other acting roles have included Turnavine in Mu
Murder Rooms: Mysteries of the Real Sherlock Holmes (2001); DI Craddock in Miss Marple: A Murder is Announced (2005); Wivvelsfield in Open Wide (2005); David Cameron in The Trial of Tony Blair (2007); Miles in Christmas at the Riviera (2007) and Patrick Turner in the popular TV series Mutual Friends (2008).
Sarah Alexander & Alexander Armstrong in 'Mutual Friends'
Sarah Alexander & Alexander Armstrong
in Mutual Friends
Alexander Armstrong as David Cameron
in The Trial of Tony Blair
As Michael Masters in
Dr Terrible's House of Horrible
Alexander Armstrong as David Cameron in 'The Trial of Tony Blair'
Alexander Armstrong as inventor Clive Sinclair in Micro Men
Armstrong made a very convincing Clive Sinclair in Micro Men (2009) a TV movie about the inventor of the pocket calculator & electric car, and his fight to win support for his home computer. He has also voiced
voiced the part of Mr Smith (an alien computer) in Doctor Who (2008) and The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007-10).
Presenter of.....
.....Have I Got News for You
Armstrong has made something of a name for himself as a TV presenter, chairing the comedy panel show Best of the Worst (2006); the comedy quiz series Don't Call Me Stupid
and Have I Got News for You, a comedy panel show in which he has made more appearances than any other guest. He currently hosts the BBC2 game show Pointless.r
From 2002 onwards, Armstrong appeared in a number of commercials for Pimms, a gin-based drink flavoured with liqueurs, fruit and spices.
Alexander Armstrong on 'QI'
Alexander Armstrong appearing on QI in 2005
Commercial for Pimms
genealogy documentary series Who Do You Think You Are? in August 2010. He already knew well his father's side of the family, so the programme concentrated on his mother's side. From the McCauslands of Co
The BBC1  featured Armstrong in an episode of the  genea
County Londonderry, Armstrong traced his ancestors back to Edward Somerset, 2nd Marquess of Worcester (an inventor who fought for the Royalists during the Civil War) and then back, via Kingedwardedward
William the Conqueror
Armstrong investigates his past in
Who Do You Think You Are?
William the Conqueror
British Comedy Guide - The Armstrong and Miller Show
Armstrong is  married to Hannah Snow (Ben Miller was Best Man at their wedding in 2004) and they have three sons - Rex (b. 2007), Patrick (b. 2009) and Edward (b. 2010).
Armstrong and Miller Show.
Alexander and Hannah
Ben Miller
Bennet Evan Miller was born in London in 1966, but grew up in Nantwich, Cheshire. His father was a lecturer at Birmingham City University, and his Welsh mother was a teacher.  He has two younger sisters. Ben Miller went to Malbank Comprehensive School in Nantwich before going to Cambridge University to study quantum physics at St Catherine's College.
Ben Miller relaxes at home with his guitar
Ben Miller as Soren in 'The Prince and Me'
Ben Miller as Colin in 'The Parole Officer'
Ciaran Brown with Ben Miller
Gina McKee & Ben Miller in 'There's Only One Jimmy Grimble'
After he had met Alexander Armstrong at the Cambridge Footlights, Miller's interest in performance and comedy writing grew to the point where he
he abandoned his PhD studies to make comedy his career.
Gina McKee & Ben Miller in
There's Only One Jimmy Grimble
On the big screen, Ben Miller starred with Robert Ca
His earliest appearance on
Guardian - Ben Miller: My Family Values
With Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English
Ben Miller as Colin in The Parole Officer
on TV was in 1991, as a policeman in Murder Most Horrid, but it was in later TV films like Passion Killers (1999); Hunting Venus (1999) and The Blind Date (2000) which showed that he was capable of 'straight' acting as well as comedy.
Carlyle and Ray Winstone in the comedy drama There's Only One Jimmy Grimble (1999) and then played Colin, a small-time criminal in Steve Coogan's The Parole Officer (200
Ben Miller as the court minder Soren in
Sarah Alexander & Ben Miller in 'The Worst Week of my Life'
Ben Miller is often mistaken for the comedian Rob Brydon, and on one occasion in February 2009, they both appeared alongside each other in QI (series 6, episode 9).  They were both dressed in a simi
Sarah Alexandra & Ben Miller in
The Worst Week of my Life
(2001). Miller played Rowan Atkinson's side-
The Prince & Me
kick Bough in the blockbuster Johnny English (2003) and then went to Canada to film The Prince and Me (2004). Agatha Christie's Marple (2004) and Malice Aforethought (2005), both TV movies, helped to raise Miller's public profile, as did his appearances as the hapless Howard Steel in 17 episodes of the series The Wo
Worst Week of my Life (2004-2006).
Ben Miller with his wife Belinda Stewart-Wilson
in Primeval
The following year, Miller starred as James Lester in all 36 episodes of the sci-fi drama series Primeval (2007-2009) for ITV; and as a dance school owner, Mr Jonathan, in the Australian film Razzle Dazzle (2007).
'Razzle Dazzle' dvd
Miller starred in the ITV series Moving Wa
Wallpaper (2009) as an arrogant TV producer, Jonathan Pope, who sets abo
about reviving an awful, Cornish TV soap opera 'Echo Beach'.
Ben Miller as Jonathan Pope in 'Moving Wallpaper'
Lookalike comedians Rob Brydon & Ben Miller
appearing together on QI
Ben Miller as Jonathan Pope in
Ben is the co-author with Alexander of the lavishly produced The Armstrong & Miller Book, pub
Book of 'The Armstrong & Miller Show'
a similar way and even kissed!! It was in this episode that Ben Miller revealed his remarkable knowledge of physics.
He is also an accomplished musician, playing both guitar and drums.
Moving Wallpaper
Miller is married to Belinda Stewart-Wilson, who guest-starred alongside him in Series 3 of Primeval, but they are now separated. They have one son, Sonny (b. 2006).
The Armstrong & Miller Book
Ben Miller relaxes at home with his guitar
published in 2010, and full of the well-known characters from their shows. Ben is also working on a new book, The Joy of Science, due to be published in 2011.
Razzle Dazzle dvd
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Alexander Armstrong autograph
Ben Miller autograph
Armstrong & Miller
Armstrong & Miller
Spoof WWII poster signed by Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller - lots of Armstrong and Miller clips
BBC Who Do You Think You Are? - Alexander Armstrong
Alexander & Ben have signed my poster
Alexander Armstrong & Ben Miller with Ciaran Brown
four seasons before being re-commissioned in 2007 by BBC1 as The Armstrong and Miller Show. Since then, three more series have been made, with more to follow.

King Edward III in the 1300s, to William the Conqueror, who turns out to be Alexander Armstrong's great grandfather 27 generations back!  Ironically, he has also featured in a spoofw
spoof Who Do You Think You Are? for an episode of The Ar
Alexander Armstrong with his wife Hannah
(very rude!!)