Angela Douglas & Peter Butterworth
In 1969, Angela  guest-starred in an episode of The Avengers, with further TV appearances in Doctor At Large (1971), Jason King (1972), and The Protectors (1973). She was reunited with 'Carry On' partner Jim Dale for the 1974 film Digby - The Biggest Dog in the World.  
Angela Douglas was born as Angela MacDonagh, in Buckinghamshire in 1940.  She was named after her father's boss, Angelino!!
Angela Douglas is best known for her roles in four 'Carry On' films, the first of which was Carry On Cowboy (1965).  In this, Angela plays gun-slinging Annie Oakley, who helps to rid Stodge City of The Rumpo Kid (Sid James) and his gang.
Angela began acting whilst at school, and later joined the Worthing Repertory Company whilst still a teenager.  She appeared on the West End stage in 1958, and shortly afterwards, she made her first film The Shakedown (1959) starring Donald Pleasance.  This led to further film roles including It's All Happening (1963) with Tommy Steele.
Angela Douglas completed her autobiography Swings And Roundabouts in 1982.
I met Angela Douglas at the Birmingham NEC in November 2006.  She signed my Carry On book and also my Carry On poster.
Angela Douglas with Jim Dale in Carry On Cowboy
Bungling policemen Peter Butterworth &
She followed this with the character of Doris Mann in Carry On Screaming (1966), a mixture of Carry On comedy and Hammer horror!  Doris is abducted by the hairy monster Oddbodd and taken to an eerie mansion where Dr Watt (Kenneth Williams) turns her into a mannequin to sell to a local store.
The following year, Angela appeared as Lady Jane Ponsonby in Follow That Camel (1967). This film parodies P C Wren's book about the Foreign Legion, Beau Geste.
Angela's fourth 'Carry On' film was one of the most popular of them all -  Carry On Up The Khyber (1968).  Her character is Princess Jelhi, daughter of wicked Randy Lal,  Khasi of Khalabar (Kenneth Williams).  Always a classy actress, Angela Douglas brought glamour to the 'Carry On' films in which she appeared.
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Angela as Princess Jelhi
Kenneth More
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After More's death in 1982, Angela returned to acting, playing Doris Lethbridge-Stewart, the Brigadier's wife in Dr Who (1989), James Fox's bemused wife in Shadow Run (1998), and Sally Stone in Holby City (2004).
Just before filming Carry On Up The Khyber, Angela Douglas married actor Kenneth More, who was not only 26 years older than her, but had been married twice before.  They had previously worked together in the film The Comedy Man (1963) and More had affectionately nicknamed her 'Shrimp'!  Coincidentally, both were born in Gerrards Cross.
Angela Douglas with Ciaran Brown
Angela Douglas & Peter Butterworth in Carry On Up The Khyber
Angela Douglas & Jim Dale in Carry On Cowboy
Angela Douglas in Carry On Up The Khyber
Angela Douglas and Nicholas Courtney in Dr Who
Kenneth More
Angela Douglas as Linda in The Protectors
Carry On Screaming
Carry On Screaming
Angela Douglas signing the Carry On poster
in Carry On Up The Khyber
Doris Mann in Carry On Screaming
Harry H Corbett look at the mannequin of
Angela Douglas & Nicholas Courtney
in Dr Who
Angela Douglas as Linda
in The Protectors
Angela Douglas adds her signature to
to my 'Carry On' poster.
She liked the poster very much and asked me where I got it from. She was very interested when I told her that it was an original poster from Pinewood Studios. You can see her signing it below.
She was so friendly and easy to talk to and I am pleased to have this photograph with her - and Princess Jelhi!
After appearances as Julie Ward in elevenn
eleven episodes of the TV series Oil Strike North, Angela Douglas put her career on hold to care for Kenneth More, who was ill with Parkinson's Disease.
Angela Douglas
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In 1988, Angela met Bill Bryden, the Scottish playwright and theatre director, at a dinner party. 21 years later, in February 2009, they 'eloped' to New York where they queued up to marry at City Hall. They now live in West London.
Angela Douglas & Bill Bryden
Angela Douglas and Bill Bryden